Magenta Circle | Dedicated to bringing you the best speakers on sacred geometry, Melchizedek, Knights Templar, Cathars, Egyptian Mythology & Holy Grail


If you love hearing about subjects like sacred geometry, the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, King Arthur, The Ark of the Covenant, Secret SocietiesEgyptian Mythology, lost civilisations and alternative history then Magenta Circle is for you.


Magenta Circle is a forum to bring together fabulously interesting speakers on these wonderful metaphysical and esoteric subjects. For a flavour of our talks please see some of our past and forthcoming events.


With speakers like Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Andrew Collins, Graham Phillips, William Henry and Robert Howells, Magenta Circle has something for everyone on a quest for knowledge.



nbspWe are based in a beautiful converted church that was built in 1849 on the Rodbaston Estate to serve the people of Gailey.  When the estate was sold, the church fell into decline and was deconsecrated.  It was acquired and renovated in 1980 as commercial premises and has been the home of Philippa Smart’s company Be Smart Design since 2003.


We hold some very small events in The Old Church but with different high profile speakers we utilise different event venues around Stafford or Penkridge.


The Old Church is just 2 minutes from the M6 at Watling Street, Gailey, Staffordshire ST19 5PR (sat nav code ST19 5PN).


“The Church is a fabulous venue – a cosmic portal awaiting activation. I am looking forward to being at the Grand Opening on 29th April.”   

Rachel Elnaugh, Evolutionary Entrepreneur, Intuitive Mentor and Inspirational Speaker 


“Time after time fabulous speakers have made their way to Staffordshire for Magenta Circle. For those interested in the arcane or the spiritual, Magenta Circle is certainly worth a look-see.”   

Magnus Langton