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PSS1Hi everyone, I’m Philippa Smart, creator of Magenta Circle.

My journey to the creation of Magenta Circle began with the discovery and subsequent removal of a spinal cord tumour in 2000 and when these things happen to you, they are often a catalyst for change. In my case I changed quite a lot and I can only put it down to the fact that I was either going to die or be disabled. This near-death type of experience made me start to live differently, be grateful for my life and tread a different path altogether.


When I was first diagnosed, I’d visit Minnie Ellis, a spiritual healer, who founded Stafford Spiritualist Church in 1992. Minnie was amazing and would often help me with crystal healing, which definitely helped. I combined this with visualising the tumour shrinking and all I can say is that I’m here now, able to ride my horse and drive a car, something I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do. It took about a year to recover from the operation and when I did I wanted to go out and really experience life. This was the very start of my journey.


The tumour and my ‘new view’ on life led to my marriage breaking down and I also ran my business into the ground (trying to be stress-free), until one day I realised that I couldn’t go on! So I started to build my business and my life again.


Over the following years, my thirst for knowledge on all things spiritual grew and this, combined with spaceship windowsmy love of history, led me to such passions as the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene, the Ark of the Covenant and Ascension. I’m passionate about bringing these fascinating subjects to like-minded people and this led to the creation of Magenta Circle. In my own words ‘if I could be a female Robert Langdon I would be’! We were also working from a beautiful converted church in Gailey with my brand design business Be Smart Design  and as more space became available in our office it made sense to put it to good use. We even have a space ship in the stained glass windows!


As Magenta Circle has grown we have needed to look for new venues as we only have very small audiences at the Old Church but with larger audiences we use venues that are either in Penkridge or Stafford


Please take a look around while you’re here and I hope to see you at some of our events sometime soon!









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