Magenta Circle | Sacred Geometry and the tiles at Gorton Monastery – with David Dickinson 14th October 2015

Sacred Geometry and the tiles at Gorton Monastery – with David Dickinson 14th October 2015

DaviddickinsonDavid will present on sacred geometry including the seed/flower of life, vesica piscis, and platonic forms and as Head of Research and Development at Gorton Monastery, Manchester, he will show how the tiles at Gorton disclose a number of azimuths which reveal the leylines. One of these leylines leads via Chartres Cathedral to Saintes Marie de la Mer (in the Camargue), reputedly the resting place of both Mary’s.



Partially retired from a career in education leadership, his main work now is in establishing the Monastery Centre, an ambitious social research programme in partnership with the University of Manchester. In his spare time he works with a close team disclosing the secrets of the Monastery and its function on the earth’s energy grid (leylines).


One thing led to another and he has now used computer techgorton_monastery_200_200x240nology to partially map first Manchester, then the UK then the rest of the globe. David delights in using animation to share his understanding of sacred geometry, geomancy and astrotheology and has recently begun working with a television producer. In his (other) spare time David is writing a book on informational quantum entanglement and the Akashic Record. He lives alone on the edge of a wood by the side of a river, enjoying the company of badgers, kingfishers and trout who don’t seem to know this is supposed to be Manchester.


“A fascinating and superb venue, wonderfully well organised and amazing guest speakers. Thank you Philippa for making us all so welcome.” Ann Campbell


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IMG_8228This event will be held at: IMG_8114

The Old Church, Watling Street

Gailey, Staffordshire ST19 5PR

Sat Nav Code ST19 5PN


Doors open 6.00pm, event starts at 6.30pm and finishes 9-9.30pm.
Parking is limited at the Church please park over the road at The Spread Eagle Pub, Gailey.


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