Magenta Circle | Sacred Staffordshire and The Spine of Albion with Gary Biltcliffe 16th July 2015

Sacred Staffordshire and The Spine of Albion with Gary Biltcliffe 16th July 2015

Gary BiltcliffeGary will present a slideshow about the sacred landscape of Staffordshire and how he came to discover this enigmatic county whilst dowsing the Belinus Line, Britain’s longest alignment from the Isle of Wight at the base of England to Durness on the northern tip of Scotland. This north-south axis connects the once great royal cities of Winchester, Carlisle and Dunfermline, the modern cities of Birmingham and Manchester, geographical centres of power, beacon hills and many famous prehistoric complexes.



SOA Cover thumbnail sizeHis 15-year adventure, alongside his partner Caroline, culminated in his book The Spine of Albion which explores their spiritual quest as they journeyed across Britain exploring the history, folklore, mythology, and legends of this ancient meridian which also targets the setting of a giant star called Deneb in the constellation of Cygnus the Swan. Having a natural ability to detect energies in the earth, through dowsing and sensing, the authors also discovered that a yin and yang – female and male – dragon force follow the Belinus Line and cross at key places of power, particularly in Staffordshire. Gary will also reveal how certain historical and legendary characters feature strongly along this alignment as well as other fascinating connections to royal dynasties, the grail and King Arthur.



Gary has dedicated the past 30 years to historical research and investigation of earth mysteries, ancient civilisations and lost knowledge. He has appeared on television and radio and lectured for dowsing and earth mystery groups both in this country and in America. He is the author of two books – The Spirit of Portland: Revelations of a Sacred Isle and The Spine of Albion: An Exploration of Earth Energies and Landscape Mysteries along the Belinus Line.


We are so pleased that Gary is able to join us for this the fourth event of Magenta Circle for what promises to be a fun, fabulous and fascinating evening.


Opening at 6pm with ‘mingling and shingling’ for like minded people that we know will be drawn to this evening we will have free refreshments and plenty of time for questions. The event will close around 9-9.30pm.




When and where

The event is at The Old Church, Watling Street, Gailey, Staffordshire ST19 5PR.

Please use post code ST19 5PN for sat nav.

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