Magenta Circle | Mary Magdalene: Sex-worker, Saint or Strident Harpy? – Lynn Picknett, 16th November 2016

Mary Magdalene: Sex-worker, Saint or Strident Harpy? – Lynn Picknett, 16th November 2016

web Lyn gloveLynn reassesses the significance of Mary Magdalene, based on the facts about early Christianity – in some areas women claimed that through the Magdalene, Jesus had empowered women to act as priestesses – and evidence from the ‘forbidden’ Gnostic Gospels, such as The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of Mary.

Although Mary’s feisty independence and presumed charisma made her a star in the Gnostic world, her very strength as a woman challenged the early Vatican so much that they rebranded her as the icon of female shame. In fact, she appears to have been one of the least ashamed women in history! 

Lynn reveals that the Magdalene was not only Jesus’ lover and priestess – although not his legal wife – but also the real source of power in his mission.

But contrary to certain New Age beliefs, the Magdalene was only too human, even being somewhat autocratic and insensitive. Perhaps that was why Simon Peter threatened to kill her…   

leonardo_da_vinci_-_last_supper_copy_-_wga12732Lynn is the author of several non-fiction books, including Mary Magdalene: Christianity’s Hidden Goddess and The Secret History of Lucifer, besides being the co-author, with Clive Prince, of books including The Templar Revelation, one of the main inspirations for The Da Vinci Code. (Lynn and Clive were given cameo appearances in the movie.)

Lynn is also an internationally-renowned speaker and regularly contributes to television series such as Forbidden History and History’s Ultimate Spies.




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