Magenta Circle | Magenta Circle’s Grand Opening 29th April 2015

Magenta Circle’s Grand Opening 29th April 2015

Magenta Circle’s Grand Opening 29th April 2015

Posted by Philippa Smart in Ascension, Cathars, Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Metaphyscial, Sacred Geometry, The Holy Grail 06 May 2015

Wow what an evening – our Grand Opening of 29th April 2015 was truly amazing and full of energy.

IMG_8152We opened the doors at 6.00pm and people were sitting on the car park waiting to get in – we never expected that! As people walked up the stairs it was very quickly apparent that the beauty and energy of the space was really grabbing people emotionally.

Many people reported a ‘really great feeling’ in their stomachs and one or two even had a real emotional feeling. This reminded me of the time when Jane and I had finished cleaning and sorting the space in the Church and it brought tears to my eyes. It was if I felt the gratitude of the Church for the new energy that was happening in this new space..

IMG_8070People gathered together and I mingled in and out of the different groups as they stood talking and getting to know each other, some already friends, some making new friends. What really became apparent was what everyone thought of the space… the comments were amazing ‘beautiful space’ ‘great energy’ and ‘wow’! That was definitely worth hearing… I was grinning inside and outside all evening and for days after…

We started the evening with a beautiful meditation from Rose Alchemy’s Sandy Humby, thank you Sandy. Then an introduction to Magenta Circle was attempted by me! I say attempted because as of two days before the Grand Opening I completely lost my voice… in metaphysical terms what was that saying?

We were then treated to an amazing talk by Moira Bush on Melchizedek and Metatron, and the 8 cycles of initiation to attain spiritual mastery and enlightenment. Mind blowing! That lady is full of love and I love listening to her.

Moira was followed by co-creator of Source TV Rachel Elnaugh who shared her transformational journey that covered her dream mastermind group as well as vibrations, synchronicities and prosperity. Everyone was buzzing and I think everyone could have sat there for much longer.

We closed with a toast, cakes and a good old chin wag… and lots of video testimonials! Look out for them and come along to see us soon. More events details here.

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