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Secret Societies as Keepers of Heresy and Tradition – Robert Howells, 18th October 2016

robhowellsFrom the time of the mystery schools to the present day there has been an underground stream of information protected by secret societies and enshrined in their rituals and symbols. These are the heresies of the Middle Ages and the ideas that underpin the occult revival of the 19th century. At key points in history these truths are revealed when deemed beneficial to the advancement of society towards enlightenment.


In the spiritual vacuum that followed the two world wars of the 20th century a secret society called the Priory of Sion were tasked with restoring the balance of masculine and feminine in Christianity. From the shadows they would influence the reinstating of Mary Magdalene as the historic bride of Jesus while symbolically restoring the feminine archetype of the emancipated woman. This is their story.

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The Essenes, Angels and Ascension – William Henry, 15th September 2016 

Join William Henry for an extraordinary exploration of the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, a tribe of mystics who lived in Palestine in 150-B.C. to the time of Jesus.In shocking detail and explicit language they describe celestial cities, cosmic battles, alien beings, portals, hidden agendas, and new super humans. The Scrolls show they sought to attain an elevated state of wholeness or holiness in order to not only transform earth into a planet of righteousness, but to escape or ascend from earth life, enter the transcendent realms and join the angels.

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Jesus and Thomas, Druid Philosophy, World Religions and the Garden of Eden – Edmund Marriage, 19th July 2016.

edmund_marriageEdmund will discuss Jesus and Thomas and their many key roles in re-stating Druid philosophy and practice, particularly within the Syriac or Syrian Church, and the Arianism of Alexandria as the earliest forms of genuine Christianity, which brought the world’s people together peacefully.

Under the depraved Nero, Druidism was ended by the Roman Legions from 60AD by the Romans literally by killing them in vast numbers.

The evidence from the lost Books of the Saviour (Askew and Bruce Codices) re-translated and assembled in the improved sequence by Christian O’Brien in the Path of Light, demonstrates the close links between the Syrian Church at Edessa in Northern Mesopotamia, dominated by the teaching of Jesus and Thomas, and the founding of Islam.

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The Hidden Hive of History; The Forgotten Goddess of the Ancients – Andrew Gough, 21st June 2016

Andrew in IstanbulIn his presentation, The Hidden Hive of History, Andrew will chronicle the lost tradition of the most deified god or goddess that has ever existed: the honeybee – the forgotten goddess of the ancients.

Andrew will graphically recount a sacred tradition that has existed for over 100 million years. In the process he will illustrate how an awareness of this lost tradition brings new insight into enigmas such as Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and the Sphinx, goddess worship, the Grail, religion, politics, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, our own wellbeing and the preservation of our planet, Earth.

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The Lost Tomb of King Arthur – Graham Phillips, 26th April 2016

graham_phillips Best-selling author and historical detective Graham Phillips will be talking about his new book, The Lost Tomb of King Arthur, presenting compelling evidence that the fabled monarch was in fact a real-life historical figure who united the Britons to fight the invading Anglo-Saxons around 500 AD.


He will describe his exciting twenty-year quest to uncover the truth behind the legends of Camelot, Excalibur and the Holy Grail. But most astonishing of all, he will reveal the location he believes King Arthur was buried. With the help of eminent archaeologists, and the latest scientific equipment, Graham has what he argues to be definitive proof that the body of a warrior buried with his shield – just as ancient manuscripts describe Arthur’s burial – lies in isolated countryside in the Midlands of England. A body that dates from the exact time Arthur is said to have lived.

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Gobekli Tepe and the Hybrid Origins of Human Civilisation – Andrew Collins, 23rd March 2016

Andrew CollinsGöbekli Tepe is a name familiar to anyone interested in the ancient mysteries subject. Billed as the oldest stone temple in the world, it is composed of a series of megalithic structures containing rings of beautifully carved T-shaped pillars. It sits on a mountain ridge in southeast Turkey, just 8 miles (13 kilometers) from the ancient city of Urfa, close to the traditional site of the Garden of Eden. Here, for the past ten thousand years, its secrets have remained hidden beneath an artificial, belly-shaped mound of earth some 330 by 220 yards (300 m by 200 meters) in size. Agriculture and animal husbandry were barely known when Göbekli Tepe was built, and roaming the fertile landscape of southwest Asia were, we are told, primitive hunter-gatherers, whose sole existence revolved around survival on a day-to-day basis.

So what is Göbekli Tepe? Andrew Collins discusses who created it, and why? More pressingly, why did its builders bury their creation at the end of its useful life? 

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The Search for the Origins of Civilisation in Egypt – Robert Bauval, 23rd February 2016

Img_6328aIn 1994 Robert Bauval published his first book, The Orion Mystery (with Adrian Gilbert), which was a No.1 bestseller in the UK, and also an international bestseller translated in more than twenty-five languages. He co-authored and authored several other bestsellers: Keeper of Genesis (1996), Secret Chamber (1999), Talisman (2004), The Egypt Code (2006), Black Genesis (2011),
Robert will be combining two talks under the Search for Origins of Civilisation in Egypt.


Robert Bauval will tell his story of how he developed the OCT and the huge controversy that it caused. He will also examine the critical reviews on the OCT by various scholars, with special reference to the “BBC Horizon scandal” of 1999. In early 2015 the OCT was subjected to stringent quantitative and statistical analysis by the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Salento in southern Italy, which will also be discussed. The lecture is fully illustrated.


Who conceived this amazing monument? When? How? Why? Is it just the ‘guardian of the Giza Pyramids’ or something else? What else? Why the lion-man symbolism? Why is it gazing towards cardinal east? Did it have a name? Is it connected to the Pyramids? What is the meaning of the megalithic temples next to it? Is there a secret chamber underneath the Sphinx as many have claimed? Bestselling author and engineer Robert Bauval will discuss all these issues in a fully illustrated lecture.

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How to Live in a Supernatural Universe – Mark Booth AKA Jonathan Black, 21st January 2016

Mark BoothHow to live in a supernatural universe looks at what the wisdom of the secret societies has to teach us in our daily lives. Do we live in a universe in which supernatural powers play a part? Do we all experience the supernatural – but fail to recognise this because we have been conditioned to screen it out? And if we do live in a supernatural universe, how should we behave? The wisdom of the secret societies goes against all common sense, all reason  – what is it?


Mark Booth, also known as Jonathan Black, is author of the best selling book The Secret History of the World, The Secret History of Dante and The Sacred History.


“The startling revelations that form the core of this book show the world as deeply strange and mysterious, filled with secrets and codes, with humanity at the heart of a cosmic riddle. Nothing of this scale and ambition has been attempted since Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, and Black arises to the challenge with style, originality and aplomb. Deep, clever, deceptively simple and important, it is indeed an initiatory document.” Graham Hancock, author of Magicians of the Gods, Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural.

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Christmas Circle Celebration, 14th December 2015

PrintJoin us for a Christmas celebration on Monday 14th December, when we will be energising the Old Church once again. Celebrate with us in a heart opening and spiritual evening combined with an open mic night where you are welcome to make your own 10 minute contribution.


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The Rose Mystica and the Sacred Geometry of Love – Sandy Humby, 11th November 2016

Sandy HumbyThe Rose, it is said, holds the key to the deepest of mysteries of life, of love and the journey of the Soul to its highest expression. She has woven her way through our sacred art and architecture, mystical poetry and the texts of the ancient alchemists.


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Sacred Geometry and the Tiles at Gorton Monastery – David Dickinson, 14th October 2015

DaviddickinsonDavid will present on sacred geometry including the seed/flower of life, vesica piscis, and platonic forms and as Head of Research and Development at Gorton Monastery, Manchester, he will show how the tiles at Gorton disclose a number of azimuths which reveal the leylines. One of these leylines leads via Chartres Cathedral to Saintes Marie de la Mer (in the Camargue), reputedly the resting place of both Mary’s.


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Magicians of the Gods and the Ark of the Covenant – Graham Hancock, 15th September 2015

grahamhancockTwenty years after the publication of his worldwide bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods, Magicians of the GodsGraham Hancock’s sequel, Magicians of the Gods, will be published in September 2015. In this presentation he shares the compelling new evidence he has gathered of a great lost civilisation of prehistoric antiquity, of the global cataclysm that wiped its memory from the earth, and of the implications for our own civilisation today. 


GRAHAM HANCOCK is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven’s Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and hFingerprintoftheGodsave been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures, radio and TV appearances, including two major TV series for Channel 4 in the UK and The Learning Channel in the US – Quest For The Lost Civilisation and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age – have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity’s past.


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Sacred Staffordshire and the Spine of Albion – Gary Biltcliffe 16th July 2015

Gary BiltcliffeGary will present a slideshow about the sacred landscape of Staffordshire and how he came to discover this enigmatic county whilst dowsing the Belinus Line, Britain’s longest alignment from the Isle of Wight at the base of England to Durness on the northern tip of Scotland. This north-south axis connects the once great royal cities of Winchester, Carlisle and Dunfermline, the modern cities of Birmingham and Manchester, geographical centres of power, beacon hills and many famous prehistoric complexes.


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William Henry – Ascension of Avalon – Great Britain, the Grail, the Light Body and the Portal of the Lost Disciples, 18th June 2015

WilliamHenryWilliam Henry is a trusted voice on human transformation and ascension, speaking at conferences all over the world. He has authored 18 books, stars on the hit History Channel show, “Ancient Aliens,” and hosts “Arcanum” (along with his wife, Clare) on Gaiam TV. He is a popular and revered host on “Revelations Radio” for Unknown William and Clare Henry offer annual luxury guided spiritual tours to France, England, Turkey, Egypt and Italy.


As more and more is being discovered about England’s crucial role in the ascension of humanity, William’s revolutionary research brings a whole new understanding of the importance of the light body in the myths of Avalon, the Grail, the lost history of the Tudors and the ‘secret of Westminster’.


This presentation will explore ancient Egyptian ascension teachings and Grail secrets which will provide you with deep sacred knowledge of the light body as a powerful antidote to our changing world…and will reveal England’s pivotal role in the times to come.


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Shamanic Healing Experience with Kevin Stein, 30th April 2015

“The doctor does not listen to the illness.” Pundit Acharya

In shamanic practice, it is believed that at the root of illness lies a disconnection between you and your soul.


While there are doctors to minister to all kinds of physical and psychological ailments and traumas, none of them address the relationship of healing to accessing parts of your soul that have fragmented or disappeared. Shamans refer to this state as “soul loss.” This workshop will serve to acquaint you with the art and science of soul retrieval as one of the advanced techniques and ceremonies in the shaman’s toolkit.


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Grand Opening of Magenta Circle, 29th April 2015

Magenta Circle brings you intriguing and fascinating speakers on Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry, Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, Cathars, Ascension, Holy Grail, Egyptian Mythology and all things metaphysical.

At this, the grand opening of Magenta Circle, The Old Church at Gailey, Staffordshire is a portal awaiting activation and is sited very close to the Belinus leyline which runs up the spine of the country and there is even a spaceship depicted in one of the stained glass windows. This connection to the Belinus leyline has attracted in some fabulous speakers.  These events also always attract high vibrational people and so if this event speaks to you then please consider joining us to energise this portal.

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