Magenta Circle | The Rose Mystica and the Sacred Geometry of Love – Sandy Humby 11th November 2015

The Rose Mystica and the Sacred Geometry of Love – Sandy Humby 11th November 2015

Sandy HumbyThe Rose, it is said, holds the key to the deepest of mysteries of life, of love and the journey of the roseSoul to its highest expression. She has woven her way through our sacred art and architecture, mystical poetry and the texts of the ancient alchemists.


Sandy’s journey with the Rose started as a small child in a Rose Garden deep within the New Forest in Hampshire… it is a path that has gradually unfolded and drawn her through her life in various expressions, ultimately leading her to the Rose Gardens of The Alhambra in Spain in 2010.


Sandy’s quest into the deeper message of the Rose and the mystery held within the Heart of the Rosslyn chapelRose has led Sandy to explore Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral, into the pentagram in the south of France and the initiation caves of the Cathars, to the Magdalene and the Mary lineage, the Isis Temples, the ancient Mystery Schools, the Essenes, the Templars, the Sufi Mystics and the Red Rocks of Sedona.


Sandy will share some of the richness and wisdom both remembered and revealed on the journey and its powerful significance for us all now… for the Rose holds a coding that is a powerful key for the awakening Aquarian Age.


To finish the evening she will share a Rose meditation that activates optimum wellbeing at a cellular level, for all to enjoy the blessings of the Rose.


Sandy Humby is an Energy Alchemist with a lifetime’s immersion in the healing and empowerment path of the Sacred Feminine. She is a Pranic Healer, House Whisperess and the author and creator of Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the Heart and the Rose Alchemy Holistic Healing programme.


Sandy has been actively studying the Esoteric and more mystical path of life for over 25 years but Mandala May 15it UN Rose Garden 600was a trip to The Alhambra, Spain at Rose time in 2010 that was to change to course of her journey. It was from there that the Rose whispered to her Heart.


She shares her work through personal consultations, seminars and teaching programme in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and USA and earlier this year presented her work on the Rose and the Path of Peace at the United Nations in New York.


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More information on the ROSE ALCHEMY WORKSHOP on the 12th November can be found HERE.





The venue is scheduled to be The Old Church, Watling Street, Gailey, Staffordshire ST19 5PR , however if demand is great we reserve the right to change the venue. Sat Nav code ST19 5PN

Doors open at 6.00pm, Sandy Humby will start at c. 6.30pm


IMG_0367If you have any questions, please call 01902 797970.

We are very sorry but no refunds can be made in the event of non-attendance.






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